Energy Shield Petrochemicals

Energy Shield Petrochemical Limited

Energy Shield Petrochemical Limited(ESPL) is an in indigenous company engaed in the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the West African sub region.

ESPL's primary business involves buying, selling and transporting petroleum products such as AGO, DPK and PMS

Before Uptitek

The system in place was a manual one, all sale had to be recorded manually at a particular place, there was no flexibility.

The manual system of record keeping made managing of several depots a cumbersome task as their records had to been done physically, monitoring of processes was not an easily achievable task as they had to employ a supervisor who moved round their different depots collecting reporting and submiting back to the head office which had so many risk factors. This made the cost of overseeing different depots very high.

How We Helped

We collaborated with Energy Shield team to define their workflow, we then built a cloud based Oil and Gas Sales Management System which has made their workflow smarter and highly efficient.

The cloud based Oil and Gas Sales Management System we provided meant that the MD could travel more and still have access to the sales being made in the different depots in his company, the new system cancelled the need for daily or weekly depot visitation as monitoring can be done realtime and this reduced the cost and risk involved in travelling to the different depot location as physical visitation could now be scheduled annually or bi-annually.


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