Uptitek Invoice Policy

Invoice Policy

Uptitek is committed to ensuring that the best interests of the body we represent are protected

This policy outlines Uptitek’s processes around payment of invoices and the approval of those payments by the company.

Payment Time frame

The turnaround time for payment of invoices is thirty (30) working days from.date of receipt of the invoice in an approved format.

This allows Uptitek the time to process, approve and pay the invoice.

Approval process

A purchase order must be raised for all invoices before payments are made with no exceptions. The purchase order will serve as the means of authorising any payments for invoices and must be duly approved either in person, or by electronic means. Uptitek requires that an evidence for such invoice approval is stored for future references.

Any invoices below £2 and it’s equivalent in other currencies will not need any upfront approval before payment if the number of invoices in this category already paid does not exceed 25 invoices or a total invoice amount of £50 or its equivalent in other currencies. A purchase order must be raised for all such invoices.

Submitting Invoices to Uptitek

Uptitek accepts invoices via the following methods

Delivered in person at any of the Uptitek offices.

By email attachment to [email protected] in the following format:

  • PDF Attachment
  • Microsoft Word document Attachment

The following invoice formats are discouraged

  • Microsoft Excel files
  • Photographs of invoices (jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, etc.)

Invoices submitted in these formats will be processed but may experience a delay in payment due to the requirement for printing and/or scanning.

The following formats cannot be accepted and therefore cannot be paid

  • Invoice details typed directly in to email content
  • Zip files (.zip)
  • This is due to email security parameters.
  • Web links to download/save an invoice
  • Suppliers must provide an invoice for payment. Sending an email linking to an external site where an invoice can be downloaded does not constitute provision of an invoice.
  • Uptitek will not process any invoice retrievable from external links.

What happens if an invoice does not meet the requirements under this policy?

If Uptitek identifies that an invoice does not meet the requirements under this policy, the invoice will be rejected and will not be paid. A supplier may remedy this by providing an acceptable invoice.

Where possible, the person or business who sent the invoice to Uptitek will receive a response explaining that payment cannot be made unless a compliant replacement invoice is supplied.

Uptitek will not be held responsible for delay of payment or non-payment of any invoice that violates this policy even in the event that it was not possible for Uptitek to inform the party that sent the non-compliant invoice.

Owner reimbursement

The company (owners) or team members may seek reimbursement from the company where they have outlaid their own personal funds on behalf of the company with prior written approval from the company.

For example, a team member may be authorised by the company to purchase a printer cartridge from a hardware store.

Owner or team members seeking reimbursement must submit a reimbursement request letter.

  • The person seeking reimbursement must supply evidence of the outlay (tax receipt, invoice marked as paid, bank statement)
  • The person must also supply the bank account details or cheque payment details for reimbursement each time.
  • Reimbursements are effectively treated as an invoice and must be approved by the committee before payment is processed

To avoid payment to old or incorrect bank details, Uptitek will insist on the full details in writing for each instance of reimbursement.

15. How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, you may write to us at [email protected] or by mail to:

Uptitek Limited

Maclaurin Building, 4 Bishops Square, Hatfield, AL10 9NE

Last updated May 2018