Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA)

Federal Capital Territory Administration

The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) is a Nigerian ministry that administers the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria. It is headed by a Minister appointed by the President, assisted by a Permanent Secretary, who is a career civil servant.

Several agencies are funded by the FCTA, including the Abuja Environmental Protection Board, the Abuja Geographical Information System, which provides a geo-spatial data infrastructure and a one stop for all land matters for the FCT, the Abuja Metropolitan Management Council (AMMC) for various municipal services; the Federal Capital Development Authority; and others.

Before Uptitek

FCTA had in place a manual system of Case management that required every lawyer to have their own separate spreadsheet, if any information is needed by a lawyer from a colleague's spreadsheet then that lawyer had to manually copy the file from the colleague's system with the help of a usb drive which led so many risks and problems which includes misplacement of sensitive information, malware attack, time wastage, duplication of information, unmanageable volume of data.

Monitoring of different case processes and activities was also not an easily achieved task.

How We Helped

We collaborated with FCTA team to define their processes of case resolution, we then built a cloud based Case Management System, which has made their workflow smarter and highly efficient.

The cloud based Case Management System reduced drastically the time spent in moving documents from one office to another as this could now be done at the click of a button which provided the much needed security lacking in the previous system. Getting access to the people/activities involved in a case became readily achievable, staying up to date on activities or histories of any particular case at any time was no longer an insurmontable task


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