J.GOLD Petroleum Global Investment Ltd

J.GOLD Petroleum Global Investment Ltd

J.GOLD Petroleum Global Investment Ltd, an indigenous energy firm was incorporated in 2008 as an oil and gas trading company, mainly in the downstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

J.GOLD import and provide petroleum products such as: Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS) and Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK) to our clients.

Before Uptitek

J.GOLD had in place, a manual system of sales management that required staff at different depots to physcial submits reports at the head office every weekend to enable a typist manually input the records in a spreadsheet. This made the process too bulky, stressful and costly.

There was also no automated HR system in place which made the management of employees from a central position not an easily achievable task. Monitoring of Depots Activities was also not easily achieved.

How We Helped

We collaborated with J.GOLD team to define their workflow, we then built a cloud based Oil and Gas Sales Management System with HR Management System integrated in which has made their workflow smarter and highly efficient, it also made staff management seamless and effortless.

The cloud based Oil and Gas Sales Management System we provided meant that there was no longer a need for the staff at different depots to go the headquaters on a daily basis to submit their records and reports as these could now be acessed remotely.


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